The Issue In Canada

There has been an alarming increase in censorship in Canada – and more broadly, in North America. Students, professors, and members of the public have been socially persecuted for uttering subjectively offensive words, and with the introduction of Bill C-16, we are subject to criminal persecution if we exercise our right to freedom of speech.

The main point of contention from the opponents of free speech is “respect”, and “feelings”. However, we strongly feel that our individual rights and freedoms should override the feelings of others; moreover, that we should never be held criminally responsible for exercising a fundamental right.

As leaders of the free speech movement, we take serious issue with violence in response to free speech. We – as a group, and individuals of the group – have been assaulted, threatened, stalked, and harassed; all consequences of standing up for our constitutional rights. We ask you to consider whether this is the ‘Canada’ that we want to leave as legacy for our children.

The Canadian Freedom Summit 2017

The Canadian Freedom Summit is a proposal for SSFS’s first conference of its kind in Canada. Its main speaker will be Ben Shapiro, a popular conservative political commentator and columnist. Our goals for the Freedom Summit are:

1. To raise awareness for the importance of maintaining our freedom of speech.
2. To teach and set an example for resolution through peaceful discussion.
3. To encourage students, our future leaders, to broaden their minds.

With the University of Toronto and York University chapters working together, we have put together a team of ready, willing, and incredibly capable individuals who are passionate about the movement.



Ben Shapiro

Author, Editor of DailyWire


Jordan B. Peterson

Professor, U of T


John Carpay

Attorney, President of JCCF


Amanda Ellen Gibbs

Founder of "Liberal, Not Lefty"


Alex Van Hamme

Founder of Free Bird Media


Josephine Mathias

Political Commentator, YouTuber


06:30 PM


Ticketing & seating. Ticketing will cease after reception is over for security purposes, and to avoid disruptions.

07:15 PM

Opening Speech

The Presidents of SSFS U of T will give the opening speech.

07:20 PM

Campus Censorship Panel

Political commentators Amanda Ellen Gibbs, Alex Van Hamme, and Josephine Mathias will discuss the impact of censorship on campuses, and how it affects our intellectual and academic liberties.

08:00 PM

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson


08:30 PM

John Carpay

John Carpay from JCCF will give a speech on three of their active cases regarding our constitutional freedoms taking place in Toronto at present.

09:00 PM

Ben Shapiro

The conservative American author and political commentator will discuss how universities are indoctrinating their students.

10:00 PM

Ben Shapiro Q & A

Q & A session with Ben Shapiro.

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Toronto, M5G 1R1

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